CEO spoke at globally known Wearable Tech Expo Tokyo


Takahito Iguchi, CEO spoke at globally known Wearable Tech Expo Tokyo on 3/25 and 26. 
He was on 2 panel sessions,
“Will Wearable Tech Make I.o.T A Reality? Industry Pioneer Panel” and 
“The Future of Wearable Technology as Seen through Japanese Animation” and spoke about difficulties, challenges, importance as a manufacturer and wearable device future as it could be seen from Ghost in the Shell. 

Takahito Iguchi CEO featured on Toyo Keizai.

Excerpt: I’m grateful that now when people speak about wearable devices in Silicon Valley, Telepathy’s name always comes up in the conversation. I was in line at a famous ramen shop “Orenchi” in Silicon Valley and complete strangers ahead of me were saying “Telepathy’s dope.” There are startups in NY interested in creating our app. 

When Elon Musk started Tesla Motors he said it was because “no one was seriously in the EV market.” Companies were developing it but CEO’s of GM and Ford Motors were certain EV wasn’t going to take off.

When iPhone came out in 2007, CEOs from Intel and Nokia said, “Who will bother using it.” At that time most business people used blackberries and Nokia was conquered the global market. Everyone didn’t think a device like iPhone would take off without a keyboard or an antenna. But iPhone of course is widespread in the world.

Telepathy is the same. We will start sale of our product this year and expand to global distribution in 2015. (JAPANESE ONLY)


Telepathy CEO Joins Other Experts About What’s Next in Communications on March 8, 2014 at Hyatt Regency Hotel in Austin

 ( Japanese ) 

SUNNYVALE, CA and TOKYO, JAPAN – FEBRUARY 24, 2014 – Telepathy Inc., developer of state-of-the-art wearable devices, announced today that Telepathy founder and CEO Takahito Iguchi is traveling from Japan to speak on a panel called “Next Evolution In Communication: What Will Happen” at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Austin on Saturday, March 8. Cyber Illusionist and MIT fellow Marco Tempest, fashion technologist and Ringly’s CEO Christina Mercando and moderator Koichi Yamamoto will discuss how wearable technology impacts people’s emotions.

Attend this compelling SXSW session to learn about the many options the future will bring in wearable technology gear, including upcoming competitors to Google Glass. All attendees will receive a free messenger bag.

About Telepathy

Telepathy, is leading the revolution in mobile visual communications that enables people to connect with friends and stay closer to family in a way that is easy, natural and intimate. Telepathy allows an individual to instantly and directly communicate with a circle of friends and family, promoting deeper relationships.

Founded in January 2013 by Takahito Iguchi, a Japanese augmented-reality entrepreneur, Telepathy has raised over five million dollars from leading venture capital firm Firsthand Capital. Telepathy is based in Sunnyvale, California and Tokyo, Japan. For more information, please visit the Telepathy website at

Asahi Newspaper Interview Summary Translation

In December 2012 Takahito Iguchi went to Kyoto for International Information Display Workshop. The purpose was not to go to the workshop but to go to the networking event afterwards to meet the engineers who gathered for this occasion. 

Iguchi spoke to the engineers who gathered, “It’s no longer the projector era. The future will be the wearable era. Wearable will be a market with annual sales of tens of millions of devices. Let’s do it together. Please give me your support.” The next day, he was flooded with requests from the leading manufacturers for  a meeting. 

Telepathy’s CEO himself a software engineer who created world renown “Sekai Camera” says “I don’t have any knowledge or experience with hardware.” Luckily Japan is blessed with world class optics and camera technology, he will be able to create the best wearable device by collaborating with domestic manufacturers. 

CEO Blog: People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.

Lately I think maybe people are bored already with IT. The coming CES 2014 will have many wearable devices and what would be key at SXSW 2014 will be “Hardware.” But I feel like many people are starting to get tired of “social something” and “cloud something.” Those with pioneering spirit are starting to venture out of the safe zone of software development.